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WATCH HORRORS – Disturbed Design
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Watch Horrors embodies a new take on how we define elegance. Assisted by a complex family of shapes, dominant details, and an elaborate band, Watch Horrors makes its dark presence known. The client was intrigued by bold watch designs and industrial details.

We began by researching where the gap exists in this industry, and the best strategic way to approach filling that gap. We entered the design phase by exploring aggressive design features. This watch still had to follow simple stylistic guidelines set by today’s trends. While respecting today’s trends, our product strategy team focused on creating a timeless design that speaks volumes to users and spawns brand identity for successor products to follow.

The implementation of multiple materials was key to achieving a truly unique design in an otherwise flooded market. We also urged our disturbed designers to come up with a totally new feature that addresses the discomfort that we often experience when wearing a metal watch. What our designers came up with was truly revolutionary. Using thin elastic bands that were in fixed positions to elevate the watch, nearly completely off of the users hand. The watch will now feel lighter, visually look bigger, eliminate the sweat that accumulates below the watch, and keep the watch in place better than ever before.

Within 24 hours of this project being made public, it was featured on the homepage of Yanko Design for three consecutive days. Yanko Design is ranked #1 design blog in the world, with over 6 million page views per month.

“If Alienware converted into a humanoid, this is the watch it would inherit” – Yanko Design

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